To date, the Fondation d’Entreprise J.M. Weston has worked to provide support for three initiatives related to the promotion and transmission of skills:

Défi Innover Ensemble

Designed by Compagnons du Devoir and the Fondation d’Entreprise J.M. Weston, the educational project aims to enhance and energize the business know-how by networking skills and dialogue between young craftsmen, creative and student management schools.

As part of this challenge, each team, comprising two managers (students from the Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute)), two designers (students from the French national school for advanced studies in design) and two Compagnons du Devoir craft prototype makers specialised in soft material crafts (e.g. shoemakers), must put together a project that requires exceptional skill, using both innovation and creativity.

This project will then be presented every July to a jury of Compagnons du Devoir, stylists, designers, architects, crafts people and partner companies who will award the winner with the ‘Excellence Award, for an outstanding example of French expertise’. The winning team will be awarded a prize of €10,000, as well as the special jury award.

Since 2013, 150 young craftspeople, designers and managers have had the opportunity to work together, discover each other’s skills and appreciate the complementary nature of their work.

2019 : “Alternative leathers and alternatives to leathers”.
“Prix d’Excellence”  – project “Scalia”. 
Kévin Damour : Compagnon du Devoir – Sellerie
Claire Durand : Compagnon du Devoir – Maroquinerie
Baptiste Cotten : ENSCI – Les Ateliers – Création Industrielle
Mathilde Lopez : ENSCI – Les Ateliers – Design Textile
Camille Coulon : IFM – Mastère Management du luxe et de la mode
Vincent Sénéchal : IFM – Mastère Management du luxe et de la mode

J.M. Weston Foundation Awards

The “J.M. Weston Foundation Awards” is an initiative that was launched in 2017 by the Fondation d’Entreprise J.M. Weston. Its purpose is to encourage international exchange between trainee artisans from France and overseas.

The aim is to bring young French and international shoe and boot-maker trainees into France and other countries’ best workshops for a period of two months (September to October). Supported by local master craftsmen, the winners are duty-bound to create an exceptional pair of shoes during this time, using the methods they have learnt.

For the four first “J.M. Weston Foundation Awards”, eight scholarships were available: four for French artisans and four for Japanese artisans.

Candidate selection and profiles

A call for applications is launched in Japan aimed at young trainee artisans. The winners are selected by Masakazu Hirokawa, President of SCOTCH GRAIN, and Yohei Fukuda, master boot-maker, in cooperation with J.M. Weston Japan. In France, the selection is made by the Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France, from a range of young artisans on courses within the Compagnons.

2020 – 4th edition of the exchange

In September, the two Japanese students will be hosted at the J.M. Weston manufacturing site in Limoges, while the two artisans from the Compagnons du Devoir went to the Yohei Fukuda workshop and the SCOTCH GRAIN factory in Tokyo.

At the end of their internships, the candidates present what they have produced, and receive the “J.M. Weston Foundation Awards” prize at the closing ceremony.

More informations :
Sarah Mineraud – [email protected]

Lara Cerny and Masakazu Hirokawa, Persident ofScotch Grain, Tokyo, 2019

SengHuat Lee Naruha, manufacture J.M. Weston, Limoges, 2019

Lara Cerny and Justine Gineste, at Yohei Fukuda’s, Tokyo 2019

Juliette le Moal, Yohei Fukuda et ses artisans, Tokyo, 2018


The Fondation d’Entreprise J.M. Weston supports the “Savoir-Faire et Création” course given by the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. As part of this programme, students from ENSAD and apprentices from the Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France (soft materials department) work together on projects that combine aesthetics with technical skills.

In July 2019, a “Mode & Sens” event took place at the “Palais de la Découverte”, Paris.  It was a fashion show created by the class of 2019 studying clothing design at ENSAD, and gave each student a chance to present a personal project.

Sujet personnel « cousin », création étudiant de l’ENSAD

En 2018, un événement “Mode&Sens” (caption de la photo) a eu lieu le mercredi 4 juillet au Centre National de la Danse.  Ce défilé de la promotion 2018, spécialisation Design vêtement de l’EnsAD, a permis à chaque étudiant de présenter un sujet personnel. Les accessoires ont été réalisé chez la maroquinière Alice Delimal et avec des aspirants Compagnons du Devoir maroquinier.